New 3 σε 1 Μετρητής Ποιότητας Νερού PH / Θερμοκρασία / Υγρασία με bluetooth εφαρμογή στο κινητό

Yieryi PH/Temperature/Humidity Meter Blue Tooth-compatible APP Online Water Quality Tester ATC For Aquarium, Swimming Pool, Drinking

1. pH Meter with Bluetooth: Powered by the YINMIK mobile App, mobile phone full screen multi-parameter display, professional measurement of pH, and Temp. The mobile phone can control the backlight. Drinking water, Aquarium, Fish Tank, Swimming Pool, Farmland irrigation , Laboratory Etc.

2. Cloud Based Data Management System: Precision real-time Bluetooth data transmission, Synchronize save time and data record, Share data or print excel tables, the mobile phone can view the calibration record.

3.Automatic Calibration pH Tester: With high sensitive replaceable probe, easy to operate, can measure 0.01-14.00 pH, 1-99% RH accurate to ±0.05 PH; ≤2%RH, automatically calibrate pH, two sets of calibration points are optional .

4. pH Meter with Automatic Temperature Compensation: Temperature can affect reading levels, digital pH tester has an even better range of 0.0°C-60.0°C (32.0°F-140.0°F), automatic temperature compensation can ensure that you are getting the best reading, so you can test with confidence in any environment.

5. High Accuracy Water Tester: High-accuracy algorithm chip and electrode of our digital water quality tester ensure an accurate and fast response. EU CE certification, Chinese / English switching, backlit LCD design, read the measurement results at any time. One key to lock the reading function, you can view the data at any time. Can be set to automatically/manually save data. It can detect water data changes for a long time, and automatically set the time interval for recording measurement results. You can set the maximum and minimum values. When the measurement result is not within the set range, the value will be displayed in red.

BLE-PH01 Specifications:

1. Model: pH-01

2. Range:

pH: 0.01-14.00 pH

3.Humidity: 1-99% RH

4. Resolution: 1%RH; 0.01 PH

5. Accuracy: ±0.05 PH; ≤2%RH

6. Two sets of calibration points are optional: 4.0+6.86+9.18/4.0+7.00+10.00

7. ATC: 0-60.0°C; 32.0-140.0°F

8. Use environment: 0 to 80.0℃/RH: 100%

9.Size: 158*33*21mm (6.22*1.29*0.82in)

10.Power supply mode: 3*1.5 V battery (not included), low battery warning

11.Weight: 72g

12.Packing list: 1 * pH-01Blue tooth-compatible PH/temperature/humidity Water Quality Pen

3 σε 1 Μετρητής Ποιότητας Νερού PH / Θερμοκρασία / Υγρασία με bluetooth εφαρμογή στο κινητό

  • Κατασκευαστής: OEM
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 0025
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
  • 25,00€

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