New Ψηφιακό θερμόμετρο Controller θερμοκρασίας πρίζας με χρονοδιακόπτης 220 Volt 16A - KT3100

KT3100 Thermostat Digital Temperature Controller Socket Outlet With Timer Switch Sensor Probe Heating Cooling 16A 220V

1. Function

The external temperature detector can detect the temperature

Set the start and stop temperature

Cycle timing, start and stop time, timer switch

It is widely used in intelligent control, such as carbon heating, aquaculture,greenhouse, home life and other places.

2. Technical parameters

Voltage 230V AC 50Hz

Max Load: 16A(2) 3680W.u , (120V 15A for US type)

Temperature Range: -40~120°C

Accuracy: +/- 1°C

Timing Accuracy: MAX 10 minutes


The temperature is controlled within the range of ±1°C. The higher the temperature, the smaller the resistance value, the larger the fluctuation, and the smaller the fluctuation of the low temperature. The thermostat keeps turning on and off, and the temperature fluctuation is a normal phenomenon.

Temperature range: -40~120°C

Open circuit (or less than -40°C), the first row of the screen flashes display ''E1'', -40~-45°C, display -40°C

Short circuit( or more than 120°C ), the first row of the screen flashes displaty ''E2'', 121-129°C display  120°C

Lower than -10°C, or higher than 100°C, it will not display value behind the decimal point

Refrigeration mode, start temperature > Stop temperature

Heating mode, start temperature < stop temperature

3. Mode button

Press MODE. LCD display: temperature control mode

Timing mode F01-F04

F01Cycling timing mode, start time(ON)/stop time(OFF) cycling timing.

F02Count down ON mode, now Ti.s OFF, delayed(start time) ON

F03Count down OFF mode, now Ti.s ON, delayed(stop time) OFF, countdown completion, turn off the output and exit the run

F04Count down ON Count down OFF mode, now Ti.s OFF, delayed(start time) ON, After starting delayed ( Stop time )OFF, Stop the time to finish the countdown, close out the output and exit the operation

Temperature correction function

Long press mode button on electricity, real time temperature  calibration after 2 seconds

Real time temperature correction range: -9.9~9.9°C

Long press the SET for 5 seconds to automatically exit, do not save modification

Long press MODE button to exit, save the cuttent correction modification

Screen lock protection function

Press the RESET to restore the screen for one second, and restore the factory settings.

Memory function after power off

Ψηφιακό θερμόμετρο Controller θερμοκρασίας πρίζας με χρονοδιακόπτης 220 Volt 16A - KT3100

  • Κατασκευαστής: OEM
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 1040
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
  • 25,00€

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